Indoor Cricket Academy



After the great success of brosid school of cricket in the city, Brosid group has just launched its first Indoor cricket academy. its is also india, s first private indoor cricket academy .as today we can easily see that to play a professional cricket it is not all about sweating yourself in the sun but it is also important to analyse your game & rectify youir game , so that it gets easy to climb the stairs of success . therefore brosid group had come up with concept of indoor cricket so that a cricket takes less time to become a professional cricketer, in our indoor setup there will be video recording & analysing of the stats which will help the players to grow at a faster rate.

Brosid team is combines with some good first class cricketers which will help the players to grow with good skills. it will be a complete package of physical & mental training.

In the past experience it has been found that most parents think that some parents think that cricket is an interruption between the education of a student due to lack of time management so indoor cricket will help us to solve this problem as it gives us to manage the time according to the priorities, it will also help the student to manage the education along with pratice sessions.

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