About Brosid



The Brosid Group was founded in the year 2009 in the loving memory of siddarth bhambri.a genius mind with absolute execution was the asset of this great soul. The name brosid is also diverting from the name brother siddarth as the initial name of brother and siddarth makes the name brosid. Here by we all members of Brosid Group are trying our level best to make brosid the biggest sporting brand of the country till 2015.

Brosid group consists of many variables in sports such as Brosid sports management which is the leading sports management company of the region.

After having the sports management the Brosid group has also brosid school of cricket with international infrastructure is a huge success among the cricketing centres of the city. brosid group also deals in sports wear & the brand is also known as Brosid sports wear.apart from all this the brosid group has also opened india,s first indoor cricket academy.

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